After installing mantis as described in the installation description, have a try at the following:

  • Browse to:

    and log in with user admin and password admin

  • Use the menu bar at the top and select the first saved search that filters for STIX packages. This will show you all STIX_Package objects that are in the system

  • Click on one of the displayed packages and start exploring (have a look at the screenshots in the documentation for a quick guide through the application.)

  • You can also have a look at the Django admin interface at:
  • If you want to create a STIX report, you first have to add your user to an “authoring group”:

    • Go to the admin interface (either via the top-right menu or by browsing to
    • Create a Django group (, that will be used as authoring group. For example, name it my_organization and save the group.
    • Edit your user ( and add it to the created group.
    • Create an identifier namespace (, e.g., my_organization.com; you can upload an image for that namespace that will later be used when displaying the namespace to the user (e.g., in an object overview).
    • Associate the created namespace with the authoring group by creating a mapping between the two ( by chosing the created namespace as default namespace, STIX reports authored via the GUI will be placed in that particular namespace. Adding further namespaces in the mapping as “allowed namespaces” will enable the user to import STIX XML files in one ore more of the allowed namespaces via the GUI.

    Now return from the admin interface to the Mantis pages and chose “New Report” in the Menu “Authoring” and wait for the authoring GUI to load. Once it is loaded, you can do the following:

    • create indicators on the indicator tab
    • create observables on the observables tab
    • add relationships between observables on the relationship tab
    • associate observables with indicators by pulling observables from the bottom right into one of the indicators on the central pane on the STIX package tab.

    Once you have authored a report, you can import it via the “Import to MANTIS” button. Returning to the overview of reports via the “authoring” menu should show you an entry for the created report and a little magnifying glass next to the word ‘Imported’ – pressing on the magnifying glass will take you to the top-level object (the STIX package) resulting from the import.